Stylish suits are ultimate weapon of men to get a sharp look and to be noticed at any time, but you have to know the art of dress up or you may end up ruining a great piece.

A recent study has reviled that wearing formal attire changes people’s thought processes. Putting on formal clothes makes one feel powerful, and that changes the basic way one see the world.

The thing about men’s suits is that they never go out of fashion even with the constant change in style.

Fancyana today is here with tips on how to pair your suits, shirts and ties to attain new highs and make you stand out from the crowd in a good way.


Make sure that you have shirts in the traditional colours like, white, powder blue and pale pink, this provides more freedom while pairing your shirt with ties.

For your ties, opt for knitted or textured ties to really differ from your sartorial corporate looks. Silk ties in classic prints with thicker stripes and solid are recommended for maximum versatility and timelessness. Pick a tie that’s darker than your shirt if you’re looking for the safest route.

Always keep in mind to match your tie to your clothing, not your clothing to your tie.



This is considered to be one of the most versatile and has a room in every Man’s wardrobe. The combination of a black suite with a white shirt are timeless. Mostly all colours can be worn with black or white but monochromatic ties go best with this combination.

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Wear pale colour shirts mostly in the shades of blue, pink and purple. The black colour is a great colour for creating contrast and will make the rest of the outfit pop.

The trick to pairing appropriate ties with colours is to work with both contrasting and similar colours. A deep colour pick up the tones of the shirts and deeper navies will add depth to this pastel tone.

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Prints help to accelerate your cloths and give an edge over other, but make sure you are up for the experiment.

Always opt for muted colours in small, repetitive prints, prints like polka dots or stripes go well with a black suit.  A patterned shirt, whether checked, floral, can look phenomenal for a plain black suit. Anything that seems too over the top will immediately be toned down due to the stark magic of the black suit.

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The navy blue suit was given the name in 1748 inspired from the British Royal Navy as the Navy troops we ordered to wear a darker shade of blue suit with a contrasted white shirt as their official uniform. This dark shade, resembling black was given the name Marine Blue.

There are four basic coloured shirts that go great with a navy suit and are quite simple and plain as the suit is our main focus.


White is a universal colour and can be combined with anything and make it look better and sophisticated.

Pair knitted ties in solid colours like cherry reds and grass greens for a clean, classic way to interpret a navy suit with a white shirt.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 051611.bmp.jpg


Pale Pink is a great colour to wear with dark suits as it blends in and creates smarter appearance.

Pair it with a grey tie and you are good to go. A deep purple or violet tie will pick up the tones of pink, and deeper navies will add depth to this pastel tone.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 051617.bmp.jpg


It is always recommended to wear a lighter shade of the same colour with a dark coloured suit as its complements the whole look. Pale blue complement a range of skin tones and hair colours making it and must have.

Opt for ties in shades darker than the shirt but from the same colour family, or you can have solid green coloured ties as green and blue combinations go well together.

Go for deep crimson ties to stand out among the shades of blue.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 051614.bmp


To keep it simple you can wear a combination of grey shirt. Ties with darker shades of grey, blue or simple a solid black tie works wonders.

If you want to throw in so colours go for dark shades of red and orange.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050226.bmp


It is the best Alternative to the black suits. It is considered a little bit cooler than the classic black and more timeless and trendy than the navy blue suit.

White shirt and black tie looks super clean with the grey suit, especially in pastel grey or charcoal. Other colours that look great with this coloured suit are light greens, strawberry milk pink, lilac and powder blue shirting hues. Light printed shirts can also be worn with the greys.

The tie need to be complementary to the shirt that you wear, but always remember that the tie need to be of a darker shade than the shirt.

When wearing a blue shirt opt for pinks and violets ties to add variation and if wearing pink shirt, deep purple or sandy violet will complement the tone.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050224.bmp

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050229.bmp

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050231.bmp


A tan suit is preferred when you want to appear casual than the crisp look that you dawn every day. These provide comfort to the eyes appear their best when paired with white, blues, light pink and subtle print shirt.

For tan and white combination ties in blue tones are the best. The shades of blue complement the warmth of a tan suit.  Ties in horizontal stripe in shades of blue will brighten up the shirt.

For a tan and blue shirt combination deeper scarlet ties will do best, offering a bit of diversity to the combination. Also classic coloured patterned ties can do wonders.

For a tan and pink shirt combination dusty brown pallet ties will complement the soft pink and will help to maintain the balance. You can also go for maroon and dark patterns in complementary colours

For a tan and printed shirt combination choose subtle prints be it checks or stripes for the shirt and ties dark colours and prints to bring out the whole look.

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050233.bmp

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050235.bmp

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050242.bmp

Fullscreen capture 05-07-2016 050245.bmp

As you can see the choices for your suit, shirt and tie combinations are numerous. Start with the traditional colours and patterns. Then when you are comfortable wearing patterns you can start experimenting. Be brave, be confident, but always take care about the fit of the suit. The right fit is the first step to confident style.

Madhusmita Tiwari, F2Style

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