Ten style mistakes made by Men

We all have been in a situation where we have messed up with our style, or are not up with the latest fashion trend. We all had to learn ways to enhance out fashion ways sometime the hard way but should not hold you back from trying to be a better personality for your own good and knowing what is best for you when it comes to defining your style.

So Fancyana is here today to list down some of the mistake men make while styling themselves up. It is a must read you guys..!!


It’s understood that when you are wearing a suit to office, you must be an expert with knotting your tie in different ways. The question is are you doing it right? Things to watch out for include length (either too short or too long), knots that do not fill the gap between the collars, and knots that expose the narrow end of the tie in any way. This is the most common mistake men make while dressing up.

If you are aware of these tie situation look up videos or tutorials to know the correct ways to fix these knots.

                                 men-in-ties-9                                                        Image courtesy shechive.files.wordpress.com


Men supposedly have a casual approach to everything and prefer going the easy why when it comes to keeping their valuable together. In this case shoes. There is a saying “The smartness of a man is judged based on the shoes that he is wearing” so when you look down and feel that you have been though swamp, then my friend you have a problem. Dirty and Scuffed up shoes are never appreciated anywhere you go, even the people living with you prefer that you wear clean footwear at home. So keep them crystal clean where ever you go.

DSC01769        Image courtesy s452.photobucket.com


Limy collars are just not acceptable even when you are chilling with your friends as it’s unpleasant to the eyes and give an impression of you as a slop. If you are the one to order stiff drinks, you should be up fir stiff collars too. They only make you look smarter

         shirt-collar1_729.jpg                                                                                                     Image courtesy www.executivestyle.com.au


Men tend to be easy breezy with styling, they have this impression that only the famous need to worry about fashion trend which is sad..!! A man should always be up to date and crisp with his style, he should be well informed as to what looks good on his body type and what complements is charming look.

                                                       CouchPotatoREX_468x369.jpg                                                                 Image courtesy i.dailymail.co.uk


This is a major problem with men. One of the first rules young men learn was that their shoes should always match their belt. And following this rule is not difficult but they still don’t follow it..!!

You need to understand that matching ties and shoes is not just matching them by colour, you can match the material, the tools put on it for example If you’re rocking brown shoes, a tan belt is perfect.

xx4ldb9.jpgImage courtesy res.cloudinary.com


Styling hair does not mean pouring out the whole gel bottle on your head, it make once hair look greasy and it may cause much harm then benefit. Everyone is done the spike look and so should you.

maxresdefault.jpgImage courtesy i.ytimg.com


No man should look like he is wearing someone else’s .A proper fit makes any outfit look better. They add the extra charm to your appearance. It’s the key to coming off as confident, attractive, and put-together. Even cheap clothes will make you look like a millionaire if you’ve nailed the fit.

image00196.jpgImage courtesy datingscamsexposed.com.au


Black may be the colour that is complementary to everything but that is not a good enough reason to keep on wearing it. Shirts in black ten to look colour near the cuffs and collars and that leave unpleasant marks that make you look untidy.

Jolidon-basic-Men12Image Courtesy www.jolidon.ro


Clever accessorizing is key to the success of any outfit. A beautiful suit is all well and good, but wear it with the wrong shoes, tie or watches and you’ll ruin it for good.

How-To-Accessories-your-Outfits-for-MenImage courtesy www.socialmingles.com.au

Madhusmita Tiwari, F2Style

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