The magic of Alteration & Design changes for Men

Fashion changes with the changing world, changing people and their changing needs. Fashion has always met the changing demands and comfort level of people since very past. Alterations and design changes have been an integral part of these changes in fashion. One can certainly define fashion as a better change in something that we already wear. We will be seeing various alterations in men’s and women’s wear in order to give them a better and a different look.


Men’s wear like suits, pants, trousers, kurta etc. can be renovated in many ways to give them a finer look! Men are mostly good when they wear skinny clothes, as it defines their body shape much finely.


There is a huge difference between suits that were worn earlier, and that are worn now by men. Earlier the suits used to be loose and also long at the same time. We will see the best alterations and design changes by then..

Loose to skinny!

OD-BE495_OVERSI_8V_20141125164248Men in loose suits.

In today’s world, one can surely look for many changes in this look. We will check on some skinny suits and then compare them both.


The guy here is in a complete skinny look. This look is much more suitable than the old and loose look of suits.




The alterations are : 1. Sleeves shortened.

sleeve 2. Waist suppression

unnamed (1)            Now the waist coats which are the part of the suit set are not necessarily worn by people and also it’s not necessary to wear them. Then the question arises about what to do of them? Here’s an answer. One can wear the waist coats casually on their shirts.

milan39_610_1502_098_f09                  this looks so smart! No regrets about where and when to wear the waist coats.


Pants and trousers need a lot of hemming and renovation when it is about looking charming. Jeans are fine to wear but the 3C’s which come with pants, that are- class, charm and comfort are to be found on wearing pants and trousers only.

In older times, people used to wear loose trousers which gave a very unpleasant look. That looks very untidy.


Renovations: 1. Hemming of pants/trousers.                                                       The hemming of pants must be on a level between the loose trousers and jeans. It should not completely lose its identity as a pant or trouser. it should be like

images (2)

2. Pockets- the pockets are a necessary and noticeable part of the pants. They must not be visible on the outer side like this-

trs_dogstooth_wool rather it should look smart and must be inwards. The option of more pockets at quarter level is also topnotch-


And this-

images (1)

3. Length- length is of three types. Different types suits different people.

  • 8a40c5808b208bbfc2cb203037ea6dde                     the most famous length among people today is “no break”.


4. New ideas- there is an uprising trend of wearing shorts made out of pants in place of pants. If your pants get old, you need not to worry because this idea will give your pants a new look again!

  • convertible-trousers-mens-pd6f90b64-d504-4f04-9f7d-85ce6298816c-620x372

This idea is mostly adopted by the young generation! In their language, It’s cool!

3. KURTA – The cloth emerging from men’s collection of ethnic wears is the most widely worn cloth in India. Yes. The kurtas completely add to the beauty of any festival or function by their charm. KURTA has emerged in many different patterns till now. We will see how we can give a Normal KURTA, some better look. Normal kurtas be like-

Angrakha-Striped-Red-Kurta-6455-1182641-1-catalog_m.  Alterations- fit : yes, the kurtas are best when they are skinny.                     2. Sleeves folded: No man looks best in KURTA as that one man who folds his sleeves. Let’s take a look.

See-Designs-Navy-Blue-Solid-Kurta-9320-3534581-1-catalog_m. 3. Shortened sleeves : short and tight sleeves are a class apart when compared to other designs of KURTA.

sangeet-mens-kurta-250x250the black strip and buttons are complementary to KURTA.      4. Design or embroidery on one side: This is a beautiful pattern of kurta. These kurtas carry a brilliant look.

Latest-Kurta-Collection-for-Men’s-2015-008               images.      5. Attractive button designs: The buttons are the first thing to be noticed while looking at someone wearing a kurta. So designer buttons are fairly a good idea.

kurtadesignsformen2012 Kurtas-for-men


Thank you.

Priya Singh, Fit2Style

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