Olive green for the summer

Pick any piece of menswear and there’s a solid chance it’s been part of the military history in terms of clothing.Take the example of the T-shirt, it was issued to sailors as underwear in the late 19th century. Bomber jackets? As the name suggests, designed to keep pilots warm in high altitude cockpits.

So it’s understandable that military notes pop up every now and then, be it a slightly missing the point acid camo, or the field jacket, which emerged as this season’s multi-pocketed, hyper-practical outerwear essential.


The military green is here to stay in style !As we move into Pre fall season military green is a great alternative to the mundane greys and navy blues. It also works wonders worn head to toe if you mix shades .Green is the perfect base for paler shades because the dark fabric allows whites to pop.



Topping our list of new suit colours to try this season, a dark green two-piece offers a sure-fire way to stand out amongst a sea of navy blue and grey.

The great thing about this tone is that not only does it work well with your go-to white shirt and blue tie combination, but it also sits beautifully alongside rich reds, oranges, browns and mustards, when you want to take a more dressed-down approach.


all images : fashionbeans.com

Aanchal Rai, Fit2Style

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